Recovery Board Quick Mount (Maxtrax Mount) for Maxtrax MKII


The RBQM Maxtrax Mount  is a new way of approaching recovery board mounting to off road and expedition vehicles.

In our many years of of using these versatile devices our biggest hurdle has always been access and storage.

Existing mounting methods left a lot to be desired: difficult to use, time consuming and ultimately inconvenient.

We at Expedition Essentials sought to remedy that!

After months of design consideration and experimenting we feel like we have come up with a Maxtrax Mount design that makes sense; both functionally and aesthetically.

Taking advantage of pre existing design elements within the recovery board; We have designed a mounting system that grips the devices securely and efficiently. 

This design feature,  combined with our proprietary hinges, actuating arm and a vice action compression lock makes for a fast and very secure mounting system that is highly functional and just looks damn good (if we say so ourselves :)

In addition to the locking feature we stepped it up a notch functionally and included an arm actuated kick out when opening, this serves to break loose recovery boards that may be frozen to the base plate as well as aiding removal from the mount.

In addition to the features above, the vice action compression lock is also backed up by the inclusion of a secondary padlock standoff for double security.

The RBQM is constructed from a combined Aluminium and Steel material selection to maintain strength in the areas that are important and to save weight in other areas.

All mounts will be powder coated for corrosion protection and the compression lock will have a dust cover to promote longevity.

Initial release of the RBQM system will be for Maxtrax brand recovery boards but we hope to expand into other offerings soon.

Size: 19" X 17" X 4.5"

Weight: 10 lbs

Made in the USA
US Patent Pending 

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