Expedition Essentials ExO Table

Stove Option


The ExO table is a universal expandable kitchen module. Designed to be mounted to any flat surface with the available room: 

The Exo Tables compact design allows for versatile expansion and stow away capabilities saving you space where it matters most.

Contained within the ExO Table,

  • full extension Accuride slides for mounting an 18" Cook Partner Stove
  • Upper (Fold Up) Table Surface
  • Lower (Fold Down) Food Grade BPA Free and quick release cutting board
  • Outer Drop down Molle Panel 

In addition to the above features

The ExO Table can be configured in a fully reversible left or right side configuration



-5052 Aluminum 

-24”wide 16” High 5 1/8” deep 

-HD 22” full extension slides 

-Sealed Hinge bearings 

-Aviation style detent lock pins 

-Bronze bushings 




****Please Note- Cook Partner Stoves are currently on order and have a pending ETA form the manufacturer, check back for updates****

 *****ATTN: The ExO Table has a two week lead time- All orders will ship on or before a 14 day Lead Time****

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