Spare Tire Quick Release Mount (TQRM) by Expedition Essentials

Mounting Kit Options

The New Spare Tire Quick Release Mount (TQRM) by Expedition Essentials is a universal base mounting system designed to attach to your spare tire via two 5,000 lb rated ratcheting straps.

The TQRM features a universal mounting surface of 12.75" x 20" for mounting items better suited to transport outside your vehicle.




Also Available for the Spare Tire Quick Release Mount (TQRM) is  an optional quick mounting kit for your Expedition Essentials EXO Step.

This Mounting Kit allows for transporting your Expedition Essentials Exo Step on the spare tire of your vehicle.

Included with your TQRM is: the base mount with tie down rails, two mounting straps and three strap keepers to prevent strap migration.

The TQRM is built from 5052 Aluminum with steel strap holders and attach brackets, powder coated black for corrosion protection.  

The TQRM is manufactured in house at Expedition Essentials on a per order basis, please allow for a 4 week lead time for production. 

***Notes- The TQRM is not designed or intended to be a permanent mount and is to be used as a temporary (trip only) mounting solution. UV damage will occur  to mounting  straps and rubber components if left for an extended period of time.

Use of the TQRM is at the users discretion, care should be taken to provided adequate space between the mount and vehicle.

Using the mount on a flattened tire will affect usability