ARB Pressure Control Module

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Product description

 The  ARB Pressure control module offers "set and forget" simplicity to tire inflation, as well as remote control over your airbag suspension. The PCM is perfect for easy and accurate adjustment of tire pressures, or controlling a set of air bags with the wireless mobile display-whether inside or outside (up to 10 meters away) your vehicle. Take full advantage of the  pressure control module, when you couple your ARB air compressor with their pressure control kits.

 This is a standalone product that does not require Linx but has  the same function as the pressure control module used in Linx!

Whether you need to pump up your vehicle’s tires remotely or let them down before hitting the tracks, with the  ARB Pressure Control Module and the Compressor Connect app, there’s no need to always keep the inflator, deflator or pressure gauge handy – you can control your compressor and set target tire pressures straight from your mobile device!


ARB Air Compressors: CKSA12, CKMA12, CKMTA12
12-volt electrical charging systems
Smartphone application suits Android and iOS devices 


  • Pressure-regulating valve
  • Pressure transducer
  • Pressure control module
  • Mounting bracket
  • Wiring harness 
  • Installation instructions